Today is a day that is used to annually commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

As I reflect on that solemn day in history, I cannot help but recognize and stand in awe of the transformative influence that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection has had on history; and, surpassing all other thoughts, the effect that His life has had on eternity.

Even though there are many people that could and will read this that do not believe Christ was and is God, Savior of all, we can all gain a deeper understanding of life, eternity, and history by taking this time to reflect on...

  • Who was Jesus?
  • What was the significance and meaning of Jesus Christ's life and mission?
  • Why did he die?... And why did he die so willingly?
  • How has he impacted history?
  • How has Jesus impacted our lives? (Spiritually, and even culturally)
  • What is the modern significance and meaning of Jesus' life, death, 
  • and resurrection?
  • How does this man named Jesus apply to my life here and now?