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"One of my friends has a question but wants to stay anonymous:
Why didn't He write the Bible in plain English instead of a bunch of stories and riddles that allow room for misinterpretation?"

Hey, thanks for the question! This is definitely a tough one, and Christians have been asking this question for millenia.
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My brother, AJ, was a part of the Campus Crusade ministry at UW-La Crosse last semester, and as a part of that ministry they started a Facebook group called "God. Why?" which was designed to let people ask difficult questions that they have been wondering, and then hopefully help other people provide answers to them.

In this new series entitled "Tough Questions,"  I'm going to take a crack at answering a number of these questions.

I'm not tackling this project because I think I know it all or even because I think I am the most qualified person to answer these questions. Rather, I just think that these questions need good answers, and that someone needs to make an attempt to provide them.

I may not be able to provide exhaustive responses that cover every single angle, but I will do my best to provide a Biblical perspective on the topic!

Your Turn: Do you have a tough question about Christianity that you want answered? Feel free to leave it in the comments section below, or email me at g.gaheil AT gmail DOT com.
With every week that passes by, 
I seem to realize more and more just how short life really is.

The changing of the seasons, illness, cancer, death, accidents, age, time-usage, friendships growing deeper, and friendships becoming forgotten, natural disasters, war, evil, the weakness and fragility of my own body...

These are all worldly reminders that shout out to me:  Life is short.
Find the thing(s) that really matter and pursue them whole-heartedly 
while you still can.    

(This sparks a search for objective truth and meaning which I have found in the all-encompassing love of Jesus Christ)

On a daily basis, I run into people that profess to be Christians;  People that, amidst the same breath, actively condemn the behavior of those around them.  More often than not, these 'Christians' do this by pointing to actions and choices that appear to be undoubtedly wrong and sinful.  Such things as premarital sex, making fun of other people, hurting others, swearing, and clothing choices (or lack thereof) rise to the top of this list.

Without falter, the condemned actions and behaviors are being labeled in the lives of people that are non-Christians and those who would, likely, never profess to be Christians.  Over and over again, I hear the constant chatter concerning those individuals that partied last weekend, consumed alcohol to the point of drunkenness, and acted sexually immoral.  It is SO common for these stories, and the condemnation of this behavior that follows, to be heard from people who refer to themselves as Christians.

Condemning sin in non-Christians is senseless, useless, and not worth gossiping about.
Yet it is so common.

1. "For after all the foundation of eloquence, as of everything else, is wisdom." -Cicero

2. “The human mind has the capacity to rationalize to itself any and all human actions.” -Michael C. Brannigan

3. ‎"Nature has herself appointed that nothing great is to be accomplished quickly, and has ordained that difficulty should precede every work of excellence..." -Quintillian

4. ‎"For human well-being mostly depends not on what people have but, among other things, on what they do with what they've got." -Daniel M. Haybron

5. "For many of us, the majority opinion constitutes the litmus test of whether something is morally right or wrong. This is logically absurd." -Michael C. Brannigan

My life has been transformed.  
A formerly hateful, abusive, and angry individual, I have now been reconciled to God through the blood of Christ.  This reconciliation, through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, has impacted my life in intensely vivid ways.  

Relationships with several of my family members and friends, once bruised and crushed, have been completely restored and rectified - Something that I had previously thought to be impossible.  Destructive habits and attitudes that were once a significant part of my life - such as struggles with self-worth, pornography, lust, and envy - have been eliminated and defeated.  I have gained a sense of purpose and passion in my life that I could not achieve on my own. 
Social Media: it's everywhere today. With over 750 million people on Facebook, Google Plus on the rise, and Twitter a force to be reckoned with, it's hard to escape it.

I wrote the following to clarify a recent status update I posted about social media, and to clarify my philosophical position on social media in general: