This Bible study tool was drafted by myself for use during July, 2011.  I hope that it comes in handy for some of you also - It provides a list of scripture passages and points that deal with nature and God's creation.  By using this Biblical overview, we studied in more depth how one can praise God through time spent outdoors, amidst nature.

Feel free to comment on various passages, give feedback on how the outline could be improved, and add to the conversation concerning nature.
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Are we really making a difference?

No really. In our everyday lives—are we making a difference?

Lately I have been feeling like what I've been doing with myself hasn't been making a big difference in eternity. This isn't exactly a new feeling; it is something that I have struggled with off and on for a long time.

Friday, July 1st - 10:52pm
Sitting down in front of the computer, I proceed to log on to to check various forecasting for the night, the weekend, and the week to come.  To my surprise, a severe weather alert pops up in the feed - Thunderstorms and high winds expected for the area in the immediate future.  My curiosity is sparked as I continue on to examine a radar-loop tracking the expected path of a highly developed storm cell.  

A couple of the best words that I can use to describe what I saw are 'purely amazing'.  The storm cell was a long, thin storm spanning almost the entire length of the state of Wisconsin North to South.  What made the band even more interesting was the fact that there was barely any moderate-light weather within the storm - It was almost all extremely severe weather.  Another thing to mention is the fact that the storm was only predicted to be a moderate/light intensity weather event just hours beforehand.

While rummaging through items from my old house (which we are now selling and moved out of), I ran across a relatively recent edition of Bike Mag. 

Knowing that I hadn't read much, if anything, from the contents of the magazine, I quickly flipped open to look across various article titles and photographs to see if anything intrigued me from that issue (to my disgrace, an action that I took before knowingly chucking it into the garbage can).