Very few professing Christians are actively witnessing and sharing Christ with others on a regular basis.  When done with the right motives, sharing Christ with others can boldly show that Christ is at the pinnacle of your life.  However, when witnessing is done for the wrong reasons, out of a feeling of obligation and not joyously through repentance, rejection and hostility may be a common response to the message that you have to give.
You may be taking time to witness every week to people in your life, but still be living as a worldly, carnal individual. In the same way, you may be spending hours in prayer and Bible study every day, but still not be living for the cause of Christ.

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Witnessing and evangelism must be done for the right reasons and through the right motives - Not for self gain, to appear better than others, to look like a "Good Christian", to be an example to others, to feel like you accomplished something worthwhile, to be affirmed in your salvation - No, none of these things.  Witnessing must be done solely for the cause of Christ in order that God may be eternally glorified and honored through your life, death, and the age to come.

In order to witness effectively, you need to learn to rely on the power and work of the Holy Spirit, and not on your own abilities, to effectively exemplify Christ in word and action.

So, how do we become filled by the Spirit?
And how do we know when we are filled by the Spirit?

With the ever increasing demand for organs such as kidneys, livers, eyes, and skin, some people are of the opinion that healthy, responsible adults should be able to sell their organs to the highest bidder. I agree that people should have the right to do with their bodies what they please. The federal government, in prohibiting the sale of organs, is violating the basic premises of the Declaration of Independence. The Preamble to the Declaration reads: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” The government is violating all three of these basic human rights by not allowing organ sales to be legalized.

Mark Driscoll, of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, recently published this article on regarding six Biblical principles to examine and incorporate into worshiping with a group of Christians.  These principles not only apply to our view of worship in a traditional church setting, but to anytime that believers gather together in the name of Christ.

I am convinced that our culture, and our world, sets its primary focus on being entertained and having fun.  One of the avenues that people use to satisfy this 'need' to be entertained is through TV and movies. Millions of people spend countless hours throughout their lifetime in devotion to this form of visual entertainment.
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So here, we are asking - Is it worth it?

What value is there in watching movies and
television programming?

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It is said that the average Christian is living a frustrated and defeated life. In fact, the vast majority of "Christians" in the world have never introduced anyone to Christ.  Many would like to do so because they know in their heart that it is what God has called us to do.  

Despite our conviction, doubts and worldly desires often swallow our ability to put evangelism and conversation about Jesus at the forefront of our lives.  Here is a brief synopsis covering one way to have assurance and confidence in sharing your faith with the people in your life...

As a believer of Christ, ask yourself:
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"What is the most important experience of my life?"

Many of you will inevitably say, "Accepting and knowing Jesus as the savior of my life."  You know it's the "right" answer, but how do you let it affect you?

Now ask yourself:
"What is the most important thing that I can do to help another person?"

The answer will probably be similar, "To help him or her know Christ personally [as I do]".
For Easter weekend of 2010, Mars Hill Church harnessed their resources and finances in order to produce a 30 minute film depicting the callous betrayal, murder, and burial of Jesus.  Just recently, Mars Hill Global has released this film to the public to be utilized as a tool to help us and others more thoroughly understand the brutality of Christ's crucifixion.

"Good Friday" is the most theologically-based modern film that has been produced attempting to show God's bloody sacrifice presented to serve as payment for our sins and shortcomings.  It took 3 months to film on sets in Hollywood and finish the production of this movie.

Regardless of your time commitments, please take the time to sit down and watch this film through.  It is provided in order that we may more thoroughly understand the brutality of crucifixion and the circumstances surrounding Christ's death.  Take some of your spare time to examine the events in this film and to ponder the occurrences from the Last Supper to Christ's burial.

I highly recommend visiting this web page to sign-up or sign-in to a Mars Hill account in order to download and view the full film.  (A variety of formats are available, such as HD d.v. and DVD iso)

The following is the first trailer for "Good Friday" produced by the Mars Hill Church media team.

To download the full film, visit:
To view a lesser-quality version of the film via YouTube, visit this link. 

If this film proves to be a useful resource to you and/or your congregation, visit if you are able and willing to support this film's availability to the public by donating to Mars Hill's ministry.

After watching the film, let us know what your reaction to it is: 

How did the film help you understand Christ's crucifixion more thoroughly?   
What stands out to you as the most important thing to take away from this film?
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The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads thus: 

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Note: This lesson was created with much help from McKay Caston and Tim Keller's Gospel Christianity study.


Hypothetical issue: What would you say if the judge in the cop killer case in Athens were to serve the murderer’s sentence - which likely will be the death penalty? How would you react? That actually is what has happened in the gospel.

Romans 3:21-26

Coming out of high school, as a young, seventeen-year-old adolescent, I was faced with many new and unique decisions.  Some were decisions that affected my immediate future, and others were decisions that had a drastic impact on my entire life and things in the distant future.  Certainly I had made many important decisions while still in high school, some that may have been well beyond the decisions that many of my peers were being faced with, but these decisions seemed different. 
Graduating and moving onward with life after high school not only affects those people who were already used to making tough choices, but also those who have been - more or less - spoon fed throughout their everyday lives.  Circumstances that may have always seemed predetermined for young students, like how to spend your extra time (school sports, youth groups) and even the classes you take in school (requisites and prerequisites).

The Gospel.
It's just one word, but it sums up the whole story of humanity. Who have you shared the G.O.S.P.E.L. with this week? (EFCA)
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