Cranial Collision exists as an effort to show how theology, philosophy, and life are all interrelated and how they should impact each other. It seems to us that many people in America today don't think critically about what they believe and how that should affect the way they live. Many people cling to certain theological or philosophical beliefs, but the way they live their lives does not logically follow from what they believe. This compartmentalization of theology, philosophy, and life is not rational or healthy.

The Search for Truth
Our foundation for analyzing the relationships between these three topics stems from a belief in the existence of absolute truth: the belief that the truth of a matter can be found out, and that that truth should impact our lives accordingly. Some may view this as a presupposition of sorts, but we think it is easy to reasonably prove that absolute truth does, in fact, exist. This search for truth will undoubtedly be challenging, especially when we look at the topic of philosophy, which, traditionally, is more concerned with asking questions than discerning answers.

We Don't Know it All
Despite our desire to find out the truth, we are not claiming to be authorities or experts in any sense. Rather, we are much more interested in working together with you, the reader, to reason out what the truth really is. Put another way, we're not totally concerned about being "right" about everything. In our posts we may attempt to construct a logical argument for or against an idea, or we may simply make an observation about something we've observed while living life. After that, the topic is open for discussion. You can argue for or against a position. Based on our belief in absolute truth, whichever side has the stronger argument and the most evidence should logically win. While that may make sense philosophically, in actual practice there may be topics on which we cannot all agree, even after we've thoroughly hashed it out. And you know what: that’s perfectly fine. That is what we're here for! But we will still hold to the fact that, even if we all can't agree, does not mean that both sides of a controversy are correct.

Join with Us in the Conversation
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