Earlier in the week, I introduced a story -- A story about how my life has been radically changed through a series of intense events that prompted me with the need to find meaning and purpose in life.  Through those events, I was led to make some tough decisions that combined to build the foundation of who I am today, and how I live my life. 

This video is an attempt to express that same message in a different and unique way.  My hope is that this visual aid proves to be an avenue of communication that somehow surpasses the words that I have written, and that it embodies who I am and how I have changed in a practical way...

If you have the time and desire to learn more about my story, please take five minutes to watch the video above.  While it is certainly not all-encompassing, and also seems somewhat awkward to me, I believe that it has importance and meaning for others outside of myself.  It is a story of how God has changed my life in vivid ways, and a brief explanation of how everyone can have the new-found meaning and purpose that is now central to my life.

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~ AJ Heil ~

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